Online Website Reservation System and Availability Calendar

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Frequently asked questions and answers about our on-line room reservation system and availability calendar designed for accommodations.

Ease of Use

  1. Booking Interface:
    The booking interface is completely configurable right down to being able to specify which fields are required and which are optional. It is also possible to add custom fields in order to collect additional information about special requirements or additional services.
  2. Security:
    All credit card information is collected using 128 bit encryption and is stored online for secure retrieval. No credit card data is ever sent by email.
  3. The Availability Calendar:
    The display seen by people making bookings can be an availability calendar or a simple booking form where people can specify dates and select rooms.


  1. Updating Room Rates:
    Simple interface to update room rates by selected date range, selected room and even by individual days of the week. Each room, rate class and date combination has room rate, number of people, maximum number of people and additional charge values for extra people, children and pets if required and a minimum nights value. It is also possible to specify a minimum inventory level for each room rate entry.
  2. Updating Room Inventory:
    Similar interface to updating room rates.


On-line Room Reservation System and Availability Calendar